March 28, 2024

Staying Cool: A Guide to Your European Vehicle’s A/C Repair from Advanced European Repair

Air Conditioning Services for European Cars in Franklin, MA by Advanced European Repair. Image of an open hood car being repair for A/C Repair using the YF1234 technology

Technology is everywhere, with constant updates to improve our consumer experiences. Your vehicle’s A/C is no exception. Climate control is just a few adjustments away. No more fighting over the temperature or whether the airflow is just on our feet or aimed straight at our faces! We now have the ability to set our driver side to one set of temperatures and airflow while allowing our passengers to set their preferences.

But what if your vehicle’s A/C is not keeping you cool? Advanced European Repair is prepared to help you feel cool again in no time. It could be a simple electrical issue where a sensor has gone bad, or there could be a leak somewhere in the A/C system. This is concerning because of the impact on the environment when the freon leaks. Let’s talk about the history of freon and how it works to keep your auto air conditioning cool. 

Refrigerants Through the Years

In 1940, Packard was the first car to offer factory-installed air-conditioning. By 1969, more than half of all new cars sold were equipped with A/C using R12 refrigerant. In 1992, a new refrigerant was developed that was better for the environment. Called 134a, it became the new standard. Around 2017, the United States adopted the latest version, YF1234, which was even more technologically advanced and has become the standard product used for vehicle A/C systems. If you have an older vehicle, the 134a refrigerant is still available so you can count on staying cool! 

The Pros and Cons of 1234YF Refrigerant

Change is hard sometimes, right? With everything, there are positives and negatives. With the new 1234YF and the new technology in equipment, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Let’s talk about them. 


  • New A/C repair equipment recovers 95% of refrigerant in the system, meaning there is minimal impact on the environment from refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere.
  • The A/C system recharges within ½ ounce of specification, so no extra refrigerant is required, reducing the cost of recharging.
  • Contaminated refrigerant is not allowed to be received and reused.
  • If leaks are detected, the equipment will not perform a recharge, thus ensuring the 1234YF is not dispersed into the environment.
  • It’s more efficient.


  • The new equipment and refrigerant are much more expensive and a bit more complicated to maintain. The new 1234YF refrigerant costs about 15 times as much as the old 134a. The trade-off is that new vehicles use much less in volume, measured in ounces versus pounds.
  • The 1234YF is mildly flammable. However, it will not ignite without a heat source greater than 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. The risk of fire is low in the case of an accident or refrigerant leak into the cabin area. Our Advanced European Repair technicians are fully trained and certified to work with this, ensuring safety for all. 

We Embrace The Latest Technology in European Auto A/C Repair and Maintenance

Air Conditioning Services for European Cars in Franklin, MA by Advanced European Repair. Image of YF1234 technology use by Advanced European Repair for A/C Repair
At Advanced European Repair, we are continuously investing in new technology and advanced training. Many smaller service providers are not able to provide this level of service, but here at AER, we can do it all, whether it is your old-school 134a A/C repairs or your later model luxury vehicles, including Mercedes, BMW, MINI, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo and Land Rover A/C repair and service.

We’re your local alternative to the dealership; no need to drive 20 or 30 miles to get your European auto air conditioning service.

We provide stellar, personalized customer service right here in Franklin, MA. With our free loaner cars, you won’t skip a beat while our ASE-certified Master Technicians take care of your vehicle.

Don’t forget about our April special, in which you’ll get 10% off any A/C repair up to $250!

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