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Volvo is a Scandinavian brand known for safety and impeccable design. Our team of Volvo experts knows that your Volvo isn’t just another mode of transportation – it’s who you are. We help maintain and repair Volvo vehicles to keep them in excellent running order so you can enjoy your Volvo whether it is a year old or 10 years old. Whether you are driving an SUV, sedan or any of Volvo’s models, we are ready to make sure your Volvo remains safe and sophisticated.

Why Choose Advanced European Repair in Franklin

At Advanced European Repair in Franklin, MA, we take pride in being your trusted choice for Volvo service and repair. We use only OEM parts to make sure you get the best repair work. We also have transparent communication, and competitive pricing, and benefits such as loaner cars, a shuttle, early drop-off, late pick-up, and text to pay.

Our dedicated team of professionals has the newest tools and equipment and understands the ins and outs of Volvo service and repair. Additionally, every technician has 40 or more hours of training on new technology every year to keep their ASE certifications up to date.

Volvo Services at Advanced European Repair

Some of the services our Volvo technicians offer include:

Routine Maintenance

When you choose Advanced European Repair for your Volvo’s maintenance, you are choosing a shop that supports its technicians with yearly continuing education. Our technicians are up-to-date on all the new technology that Volvo may offer. You don’t have to go to the dealership to get top-notch maintenance – you can choose AER, which is often more convenient.

Routine maintenance may include tune-ups, oil change services, coolant flushes, transmission flushes, engine air filter replacement, cabin air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement, alignments, and more. We also provide a comprehensive inspection when you visit us for factory-recommended maintenance.

Comprehensive Inspections

We conduct comprehensive inspections so you can drive your Volvo without worrying. We check the brakes and tires and check for oil leaks, coolant leaks, transmission fluid leaks, brake fluid leaks, and power steering fluid leaks.

We also check the belts and hoses, steering and suspension, exhaust, and more. Another benefit of a comprehensive check is if we find something it’s usually early enough so it doesn’t do too much – if any – damage to other components, which saves you money down the road.

Additional Services We Provide

As your dealership alternative, we have the tools and equipment to diagnose and repair many systems and functions on your Volvo vehicles. Additional services we provide include:

Common Problems with Volvo Vehicles

They also have problems that are common to Volvo vehicles that we can repair, including:

Suspension and Steering Component Wear

Some Volvo models develop issues with struts, tie rods, control arms, bushings, and other steering and suspension parts. Some of these parts can cause uneven tire wear. Any part of the suspension or steering that is worn or broken can affect handling, making driving dangerous.

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) System Issues

Volvo vehicles often have issues with the positive crankcase ventilation system clogging and failing, which leads to oil leaks and poor engine performance.

Engine Oil Leaks

Gaskets and seals can fail, which causes oil leaks from the engine. When we do our comprehensive inspection, we pay particular attention to oil leaks, especially from crankshaft seals and valve cover gaskets. The oil cooler lines can also develop leaks.

Climate Control System Malfunctions

If the climate control system fails, you may not be able to heat or cool the cabin. Issues with the temperature control, air distribution and blower motor function are common in Volvo vehicles.

Benefits of Choosing Advanced European Repair

Some of the benefits you’ll receive for choosing Advanced European Repair include:
Our Values
Our Amenities
36-month, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty
We believe in the excellence of our work, which is why we back it with a warranty for the all of our services.
Expertly trained & ASE Certified technicians
We work with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to diagnose and repair your Euro car.
Quality Parts for Repairs
We use OEM, and where OEM parts are not available, only well-known aftermarket parts, such as Bosch, Denso and more.

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