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Patrick Weidman of Advanced European Repair

Patrick Weidman


Patrick started in the automotive business in high school pumping gas for his uncle, who owned a large repair shop and gas station back when full service meant full service! If every car that came in for gas didn’t get the windshield washed and “squeegeed,” Patrick would hear it from his uncle. This work ethic remained a core value for him and his brother Bob. They learned the importance of taking care of people from their uncle who treated every customer as the most important customer. The uncle had a saying: “Every customer is a first class customer” and that stuck with them and still does today. Grove Street Auto Repair opened in June 1998 in Franklin, MA. The business has continued to grow every year, and is now known as the premiere auto repair shop in Franklin. It has been a fantastic 25+ years. Read more about the history of Grove Street Auto Repair and the Weidman family here In 2023, the need for more space to expand at Grove Street Auto had become crucial. The footprint of the current shop did not allow room for that expansion, so Patrick bought a property just 400 feet down the road in order to utilize some of the space at that location for storage and maybe use one stand-alone bay as a specialty bay. In a twist of fate, the auto repair business in that building was closing down, and so the decision to take over that space was made. After an extensive makeover with many upgrades, in January of 2024, the new Advanced European Repair shop opened. We invite you to stop in and see what we have done to make this a truly unique and customer-focused experience. Thank you for your support.

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Jean Weidman Bradley of Advanced European Repair

Jean Weidman Bradley

VP of Marketing

With 18 years of experience working in the office of Grove Street Auto Repair, Jean is a crucial part of our team. She has a degree in accounting, and has gone through many hours of marketing and customer service training. Interacting with our customers has always been one of her favorite parts of her day, and even though she is not sitting in the front office currently, she is working behind the scenes on all the marketing and website tasks that help our customers at both Advanced European Repair and Grove Street Auto Repair find us and stay up to date on all our good news! If you have fun ideas for social media content, reach out to her!

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Tom Hender of Advanced European Repair

Tom Hender

Shop Foreman

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Tom has been with Grove Street Auto Repair since the beginning. When we were ready to launch Advanced European Repair, he was ready! Tom has been instrumental in making sure Advanced European Repair has everything needed to work on all the luxury vehicles. Tom continues to be the behind-the-scenes person who makes it happen for both shops. He discovered his love for automobiles as a freshman in high school at Tri County Regional High School and has been working on cars ever since. He has the ASE Master Technician designation as well as the ASE L1 advanced level certification which is required to be a Registered Emissions Repair facility for the State of Massachusetts. As Shop Foreman, Tom is known as the “fixer.” We have yet to see the problem that Tom can’t figure out!!

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Eric Fugere of Advanced European Repair

Eric Fugere


Eric is a fully-trained EV and Hybrid expert thanks to some intensive off-site training that included Tesla specific training. He has been working in the automotive industry for over 25 years at both independent shops and large automotive retailers. His certififications include his ASE A1-A8, qualifying him for the Master Automobile Technican Status. He loves to learn, and has taken many in-house certification classes as well as off-site EV and Tesla courses. He loves to work on European cars because they are more complex. When Eric is not at work, you can find him hanging out at home or working on something around the house. He hopes to be able to ski sometime in the near future!

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