Expert Hybrid & EV Maintenance and Repair in Franklin, MA

At Advanced European Repair, the future of automotive technology meets unparalleled service. Situated in the heart of Franklin, MA, our family-owned shop is built on a commitment to honesty, transparency, and customer satisfaction that sets us apart as we service a wide range of high-end European and electric vehicles.

Specializing in a Variety of Prestigious Brands

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At Advanced European Repair, we take pride in our expertise across a diverse array of luxury and electric vehicles. Our specialized services cater to:

Hybrid and EV Maintenance: Eco-Friendly and Efficient

Hybrid Maintenance Services

Regular maintenance is critical to the longevity and performance of your hybrid vehicle. Our comprehensive hybrid maintenance services cover everything from routine check-ups to specialized repairs, ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

EV Maintenance Services

As a leading electric vehicle repair shop, we offer extensive EV maintenance services. Our team is equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and knowledge to handle the unique requirements of electric vehicles.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Hybrids and EVs

While electric vehicles eliminate the need for oil changes, regular maintenance remains crucial for both Hybrid and EV owners to ensure longevity, safety, and optimal performance.

Battery Health and Efficiency

  • Battery Care: The lifeline of both hybrid and electric vehicles is the battery. Regular maintenance checks are essential to monitor the health and efficiency of the battery, a key factor in the vehicle’s range and performance.

  • Cooling Systems: EVs and hybrids come with specialized cooling systems designed to maintain optimal battery and motor temperatures. Regular checks are necessary to prevent overheating and ensure the system’s efficiency.

Software and Electrical Systems

  • Software Updates: The advanced technology in hybrids and EVs requires regular software updates to ensure all electronic systems and features are up-to-date and functioning optimally.
  • Electrical System Inspections: Regular maintenance includes thorough checks of the electrical systems, ensuring all components are operating correctly and safely.

Mechanical Component Care​

  • Brakes and Suspension: Regenerative braking systems in hybrids and EVs reduce wear on brake components, but regular inspections are still vital for safety. Additionally, the extra weight from batteries can affect the suspension, necessitating regular checks and adjustments.

Tires, Alignment, and Wheel Balancing

  • Tire Maintenance: Due to the instant torque and heavier weight, EVs and hybrids can cause more rapid tire wear. Regular tire inspections, rotations, and balancing are crucial for maintaining optimal traction, safety, and efficiency. Proper wheel alignment is also essential to prevent uneven wear and extend tire life.

Advanced Repair Services for Modern Vehicles

Specialized Hybrid and EV Repair

  • Hybrid Engine Repair: Ensuring your hybrid’s engine performs at its peak.
  • Advanced Hybrid Systems Repair: Tackling complex hybrid technologies.
  • Hybrid Brake System Repair: Essential for safety and performance.

Expert EV Repair

  • Electric Car Diagnostic Services: Pinpointing issues with precision.
  • High Voltage System Repair: Handling the core of electric vehicle power.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

Building Trust with Transparency

  • We believe in building lasting relationships through open communication. Our Digital Vehicle Inspections (DVIs) provide clear, comprehensive assessments, allowing you to make informed decisions about your vehicle’s care.

Convenience and Assurance

  • Free Loaner Vehicles and Shuttle Service: Keeping you mobile while we work on your vehicle.
  • Early Drop-Off and Late Pick-Up: Flexible options to fit your schedule.
  • 36-Month, 36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty: Peace of mind with every service.

Benefits of Choosing Advanced European Repair

Some of the benefits you’ll receive for choosing Advanced European Repair include:
Our Values
Our Amenities
36-month, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty
We believe in the excellence of our work, which is why we back it with a warranty for the all of our services.
Expertly trained & ASE Certified technicians
We work with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to diagnose and repair your Euro car.
Quality Parts for Repairs
We use OEM, and where OEM parts are not available, only well-known aftermarket parts, such as Bosch, Denso and more.

Advanced European Repair: Your Trusted
Partner for Hybrid and EV Care

At Advanced European Repair, we’re not just mechanics; we’re caretakers of your driving experience. Whether you drive a BMW, Tesla, or any vehicle in between, our team is ready to provide top-tier maintenance and repair services. Trust in us, because “Your Family Depends on Our Family” for all your automotive needs.

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