Factory Recommended Maintenance in Franklin, MA, for your Euro Car

You invested a lot in your high-performance luxury car. Keeping up with timely factory recommended maintenance keeps your European vehicle running smoothly and in good condition. Advanced European Repair in Franklin, MA, provides factory recommended maintenance, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of going to the dealership.

Why Factory Recommended Maintenance Matters

Your vehicle’s manufacturer provides a comprehensive schedule for preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle in good condition. Ignoring maintenance can lead to poor fuel economy, safety hazards, and engine damage.

Maximize Your Vehicle’s Lifespan and Get More When It’s Time to Trade or Sell

When it’s time to upgrade your vehicle, whether you trade it in or sell it outright, you’ll get more for it if you keep up with maintenance. People buying used vehicles want something they know will last more than just a few years. They’re more than willing to pay more for a vehicle that has records showing you kept up with factory recommended maintenance.

Advanced European Repair - Expert technicians performing factory recommended maintenance for Euro cars in Franklin, MA. Ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Safety Issues

When you bring your vehicle in for maintenance, we also do a safety inspection, where we check brakes, tires, steering and suspension. We also check for leaks, inspect the belts and hoses. We can tell you about potential issues or if something requires immediate attention. Inspections and maintenance significantly reduce the risk of unexpected breakdowns.

Cost Savings

Keeping up with factory recommended maintenance saves you money in the long run. Because we also inspect several systems on your vehicle, we catch issues before they become major problems and damage other components. For example, if we find that the brake pads are thin, we can warn you before they start scraping the rotors. If you change them before they get too thin, we can often machine the rotors, which is less than buying new ones. Too-thin brake pads can also cause overextended calipers and collapsed brake hoses and can compromise your safety.

What is Factory Recommended Maintenance?

We sometimes refer to factory recommended maintenance as preventative maintenance. Each manufacturer has its own time intervals for the different aspects of preventative maintenance.

  • Oil Changes: When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, we also change the filter and conduct a safety inspection.
  • Transmission Flush: The transmission also has a filter, which is in the transmission oil pan. Flushing the system ensures all of the old transmission fluid is removed. We also change the filter and clean the metal shavings and other debris out of the pan.
  • Coolant Flush: Coolant keeps your engine from overheating during the summer and freezing during the winter. Over time, the coolant becomes contaminated and won’t do its job. Flushing it ensures we remove all the old coolant so it doesn’t contaminate the new coolant.
  • Check Fluids: Every time you come in for maintenance or European repair, we check and top off the fluids.
  • Brake Inspection: Because the vehicle’s brakes are critical to your safety, we inspect the brakes and, if needed, can replace the brake pads.
  • Tire Maintenance: Tires are just as important as the brakes since they are the only thing between you and the road. Worn tires can cause accidents. We recommend rotating the tires at every other oil change. We also check the tire pressure and check for uneven wear and damage to the sidewalls.
  • Air Filter Replacement: During our inspection, we check the engine air filter. The vehicle needs a clean filter to breathe properly. If it is dirty, we can replace it.
  • Battery Check: During our inspection, we check the battery for damage and corrosion. We can also check the voltage, amperage, and the charging status of the alternator.

Benefits of Choosing Advanced European Repair

Some of the benefits you’ll receive for choosing Advanced European Repair include:
Our Values
Our Amenities
36-month, 36,000-mile nationwide warranty
We believe in the excellence of our work, which is why we back it with a warranty for the all of our services.
Expertly trained & ASE Certified technicians
We work with state-of-the-art equipment and tools to diagnose and repair your Euro car.
Quality Parts for Repairs
We use OEM, and where OEM parts are not available, only well-known aftermarket parts, such as Bosch, Denso and more.

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